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We strive to provide timely and accurate customer service for all of our customers. We have found that our customer support e-mail system has enabled us to be successful at this, because we are able to document correspondence and associate support requests with the appropriate accounts. For these reasons all initial requests must be submitted through this system.

Below is an e-mail form for customer support. We ask that you provide as much of the information as possible. Most support e-mails will be responded to with in one business day by e-mail or telephone.

Phone Toll Free Phone Support: 1-800-680-9052 - Mon. - Fri. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.


All support inquiries are recorded and time stamped along with an IP address for verification and easy reference purposes.

As a reminder our support staff does not and will not provide legal advice of any kind. Our support area is provided to help aid you with the use of the software. Should your support question require legal advice, our staff will make you aware of this and attempt to send you in the right direction to receive that advice. Our support personnel are not lawyers, therefore they would be doing you an injustice to provide you with legal advice.

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Why it Works.

- Saves thousands in legal fees.
- Removes third party interference.
- Saves hours of your valuable time.
- Spares your emotions while negotiating.
- Finds neutral ground with a mutual goal.
- Reduces time spent together.
- Prevents irrational responses.
- Organizes for easy reference.


- Private & secure access for each spouse.
- Discussions organized by topic.
- Unlimited responses for each discussion.
- Optional e-mail alerts for responses.
- Summarize your agreement.
- Virtually acknowledges your agreement.
- Accesses state laws for help.

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