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Add to Cart Button
This button appears on the right side of each store item page. By clicking this button you will add the item to your cart. Your cart will open up in a new window displaying your cart contents.

View Your Cart Button
You can always look at your "cart contents" by clicking the "View Your Cart" button or link. You will then be taken to your "Shopp ing Cart" page where you will see the contents. At this time you will see a subtotal and can modify your order by taking away any products or changing the quantity of any products using the "Update Order" button.

Continue Shopping Button
Inside your Cart this button will advance you to the store homepage, which displays the store categories for you to browse.

Check Out Button
When you "View Your Cart", you have the option to click the "Check Out" button which will advance your through our on-line orderin g system.

Update Order Button
Inside your Cart, this button will allow you to add or remove additional items. Simply change the quantity number and click "Updat e Order". This is used if you want more than one of a certain item or you want to remove an item from your Cart.

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