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New Mexico Child Support Calculation Report Order Form
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New Mexico Child Support Calculation Information:

Number of Children of Marriage or Relationship:
    Total number of natural or adopted minor children (under 18 years) subject to the support order.

Name of Mother:

Name of Father:

Number of Overnights/Year with Mother: (example format: "300")

Number of Overnights/Year with Father: (example format: "65")

Annual Gross Income:
    Enter the total amount of annual gross income for both parents. Gross income is defined as actual gross income of the parent, if employed to full capacity, or potential income if unemployed or underemployed. If one parent does not have an income, be sure to enter "0".


(example format: $1200.00)

(enter " 0 " if no income)

(example format: $1200.00)

(enter " 0 " if no income)
New Mexico Guideline:
"gross income" includes income from any source and includes but is not limited to income from salaries, wages, tips, commissions, bonuses, dividends, severance pay, pensions, interest, trust income, annuities, capital gains, social security benefits, workers' compensation benefits, unemployment insurance benefits, disability insurance benefits, significant in-kind benefits that reduce personal living expenses, prizes and alimony or maintenance received, provided:
(a) "gross income" shall not include benefits received from means-tested public assistance programs or child support received by a parent for the support of other children;
(b) for income from self-employment, rent, royalties, proprietorship of a business or joint ownership of a partnership or closely held corporation, "gross income" means gross receipts minus ordinary and necessary expenses required to produce such income, but ordinary and necessary expenses do not include expenses determined by the court to be inappropriate for purposes of calculating child support;
(c) "gross income" shall not include the amount of alimony payments actually paid in compliance with a court order;
(d) "gross income" shall not include the amount of child support actually paid by a parent in compliance with a court order for the support of prior children; and
(e) "gross income" shall not include a reasonable amount for a parent's obligation to support prior children who are in that parent's custody. A duty to support subsequent children is not ordinarily a basis for reducing support owed to children of the parties but may be a defense to a child support increase for the children of the parties.
Below are a few optional questions pertaining to situations where the New Mexico Courts will make necessary adjustments to the annual gross income of each parent due to unique circumstances.
Annual Child(ren)'s Health and Dental Insurance Premium:
Enter annual amount paid for the health and dental insurance of the child(ren).

New Mexico Guideline:
The cost of providing medical and dental insurance for the child(ren) other than that which is paid by insurance benefits provided by employer.

(enter " 0 " if not applicable)

(enter " 0 " if not applicable)
Annual Work-Related Child Care Expenses:
Enter annual amount paid for work related child care.

New Mexico Guideline:
The reasonable child-care costs incurred on behalf of the child(ren) due to employment or job search of either parent.

(enter " 0 " if not applicable)

(enter " 0 " if not applicable)
Annual Additional Expenses:
Enter annual additional expenses for the child(ren).

New Mexico Guideline:
The child support may also include the payment of the following expenses not covered by the basic child support obligation:
(1) any extraordinary medical, dental and counseling expenses incurred on behalf of the children of the parties. Such extraordinary expenses are uninsured expenses in excess of one hundred dollars ($100) per child per year;
(2) any extraordinary educational expenses for children of the parties; and (3) transportation and communication expenses necessary for long distance visitation or time sharing.

(enter " 0 " if not applicable)

(enter " 0 " if not applicable)
Additional detailed information in regards to the above adjustment considerations will be included in your report. If any or several of the above adjustments pertain to your situation you should give specific attention to the potential each adjustment(s) may have to alter the support obligation(s). Adjustments are very common in calculating child support in order to establish what is in the best interest of the child(ren).

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